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Security Policy

Loyalty Benefits, Inc. (LB) is built on integrity, both as a company value and as a data management policy. It begins with our privacy policy, and extends to the technology and procedures we use throughout our operations.

User Authentication

LB authenticates users through the use of usernames and passwords. To the extent you are careful to keep this information confidential, it is a secure means of providing account information, rewards and special offers only to authorized users.

Intrusion Prevention

We use multiple firewalls and other intrusion prevention technologies to protect our systems and data resource. The networks running our service are regularly scanned and reviewed for any potential vulnerabilities. Software upgrades and patches are applied diligently to keep our systems secure.

Data Transmission

Whenever you are viewing confidential information in your browser, data is being transmitted from our servers to your computer. For all such data communication, we use a 1024–bit encryption protocol called SSL (Secure Socket Layer) that is specifically designed to prevent the data from being intercepted and hacked. The use of this protocol is evident when the "http" prefix in your browser’s address bar changes to "https" – for example, when you log in to your account.

Our site has been secured by GoDaddy, the largest provider of SSL certificates in the world. Wherever you see the GoDaddy seal, you may click on it for information about our use of the SSL protocol.

Security Precautions Worth Noting

LB will never ask for your password. If we require access to your account information we will not require you to divulge your password in order for us to do so.

LB will never ask for your full 16-digit card number, and you should never send us your full card number. If we require a receipt or statement as proof of purchase, you should send it to us using the method recommended by our customer service representative and ensure that the full card number is not on the receipt or statement before sending.

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